We got our 3D printer the other day, so we decided to get printing right away!

Use Case:

  • Notebooks are good to bring around with you to jot down ideas or just when you go to class.
  • Especially if you sketch or like to take detailed notes, having multicolored pens to highlight, annotate, or differentiate between different parts of the sketch can be nice.
  • Pencil cases (or in my case, Ziploc bags) can be an inelegant solution when you only have a handful of writing utensils and fail to keep things organized.

We’re really trying to organize this:

With this:

Products For the Model

Note: these are affiliate links and allow us to keep making.

If you would like to print the file yourself, it is available for free on SketchFab and Thingiverse; if you would like to buy the holder for yourself it is available on Shapeways.

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