Spaghettification is what happens when you approach a black hole – the varied amount of force gravity exerts on you across a distance as small as your body causes you to stretch out like a piece of spaghetti. It’s also what I call what happens when you’ve incorrectly modeled something and it goes pear shaped in the printer. Like these:

This can happen for a variety of reasons – sometimes support structures don’t go where you want them to. Sometimes you have made a physics problem in your model. A bad habit of mine (which a friend of mine showed me how to fix over the weekend) was that sometimes I leave naked edges on my prints. It’s a space where a surface should be, but isn’t. It means that the whole thing is open rather than a closed polygon/polysurface. If you’re also consistently getting spaghettified parts (or walk into them when you let a print go overnight), check for naked edges in your model.

Tracking down physics problems has pretty much been my entire day so far, but now that I know how to keep these things cleared up, we’ll be saving a lot on filament and time! More holders, Switch accessories, and other fun projects are on the way.

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If you’d like to check out some of the things that my incompetence hasn’t ruined, check out our projects up on Shapeways, and give us a follow on Thingiverse:

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