This type of post is a periodic publication where we outline where we see Salt Fabricators going in the next few months. New kinds of content, plans in general, and how the site is going to change.

Immediate Future

Site Changes: In the next couple of weeks, starting as soon as this weekend, we’re going to be playing with the site layout. It’s not the most conducive for easy reading & navigation or catching up on missed posts. We will be fixing that. It won’t be a one-time change, but we do want to have the evolution of the website being a known quantity for readers. We also have an official logo and font on the way.

What We’re Using: We will also be including a kind of bio page for the tech that we’re using day to day. Phones, computer hardware, headphones, backpacks, what have you, just the stuff that we use every day that make a difference in our lives. They will cover a wide swath of categories, so getting these published in an organized way will be challenging, but useful.

Hardware Roundups: This will be a continuing trend, we just happen to be in a weird time of year between CES, Computex, etc. that doesn’t lend itself to much new product to talk about. There have been announcements, but we would rather pass along information that is grounded in reality and in using the products, so we don’t want to cover those or rumors either. Hopefully Computex 2017 will give us some good material to talk about.

Next Quarter

Seasonal Picks: This is a similar category to “What We’re Using”, but at the start of each season we will be choosing our favorite hardware that we have come across and addressing why we like them. Almost as if we had to rebuild our various loadouts from the ground up with the most recent tech available. We will be splitting things up by category, pricing, and so forth. These will give folks an easy way to quickly find something that fits their use case and published relatively recently.

Tech Guides: Some of the projects that we are going to be doing are guides. Things like home networking, PC build guides & recommendations, office setup, & entertainment center setup are all going to be the kinds of projects that are involved. We’ll cover cable lays & neat tech that will help make the process smoother. We’ve learned a lot setting up our homes over the years, and anything that helps folks with theirs are articles well worth writing.

Patreon: We will be setting up a Patreon this summer. We’ll be making exclusive content and thank-you gifts for our supporters there. We want to keep the site ad-free & our files free to download; using our affiliate links, buying designs from Shapeways, tipping us on Thingiverse, and supporting us on Patreon help us do those things and eat. Eating is good. Updates later on with details about levels, rewards, and all that good stuff.

Etsy: As we do more and more involved projects, we will be putting up our projects for sale on Etsy. If you want to have a piece of Salt Fabs history or think a thing we did is cool & good, you can buy the thing on there! It will largely be composed of one-offs, but I think we have some really neat projects in the pipe that will appeal.

This Year

Guest Contributors: Despite our best efforts, we don’t know everything and we can’t know every use case nor every solution to all the ones we do know about. Luckily, we have friends & there are folks all over the internet who do really cool stuff and want to share those things. We’ll be working with new folks throughout the year to take us through novel use cases or into neat projects that we can share with the world at large. On the high seas of the internet, the only ship you need is friendship.

Heavy-Duty Projects: These projects are going to be more involved than 3D printing & soldering. These projects are going to use some real big power tools & all the resources we have at our disposal to do some really cool stuff. There is a hackerspace near the Salt Fabs office which will enable us to do more advanced projects.

Tech & Design: All of the tech that we use does not exist in a vacuum. Our gadgets are all used together for different use cases and sometimes this results in aesthetic compromises. We’re going to scour the internet for the best products we can find for different use cases & assemble them in an aesthetic fashion. These will be build guides & resources that will range from product recommendations to cable management solutions for each use case.

Streaming: We’re going to be doing some interesting builds and deployments this year, and after we have stability and everything tested on them, we plan on running streams on Twitch to test the efficacy of our projects and we want you to be there! Crashes, audio issues, all of that, we cannot wait to get folks watching our every gaffe.


All these things are subject to change, this is just where we see the site moving in 2017. We’ll try to post these every couple of months as things evolve and change, but we look forward to taking you along for the ride!

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to really get the ball rolling.

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