Hello hello! Apologies for the lack of content yesterday – I got stuck working on work for a lot longer than I had anticipated and by the time all that was finished it was well past dinner time. Today has been fun creatively for me, because I’m looking to try new methods to get interesting & appealing shapes.

To make one of my designs, I usually start with a polygon and then add or subtract extrusions, polygons, and add fillets & chamfers to give the device a unique shape. All of the projects I have done up until this point have been made using this process. I was browsing Etsy just to find some inspiration a while ago and came across this elephant shaped phone holder/charger.

A friend of mine’s birthday is coming up, and she loves elephants so I decided to design and print the same thing.

Because this is essentially a bad knock-off, I will not be hosting files of the project and will only link to the Etsy shop where I found it.

Nothing on the elephant is a perfect sphere or anything like that, so I decided to use control point curves to make the shape of the elephant:

This turned out pretty nicely! A little imperfect, but turning those control points on allow me to tweak locations and things like that to finesse the shape. I’m no elephant expert, but I like how slightly lumpy he turned out.

From there, we can select all the curves we’ve made and use the “Join” command to make them one single closed curve. From there, I use the “Patch” command to turn it all into a single surface. From there, I use “ExtrudeSrf” to make it as wide as I want!

Just a few touches left:

      Make sure everything will lie flat (I use a Box larger than the overall print and run a “BooleanDifference” to make sure it has a level surface on the bottom across all the legs & trunk)

    • Leave a little slot for the charging cable in the trunk shape using a filleted box.
    • Make some eye holes with the “Cylinder” tool.
    • Most importantly: give him some earsies.


    I have another wall-mounted holder on the way using these methods, should have a full post on that tomorrow! It’s a long print time, but as long as it prints alright, it should be neat.

    Thanks for reading!

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