Still working on holders and things like that for the time being. Following on the “New Methods” post from last week, this is the weird wall mounted holder that I made using control point curves and lofting surfaces among them. I would ask that you ignore some of the brown bits, the hot end of my printer was a tad/ too hot.

It has a very appealing shape, but functionality is still a work in progress. The Z dimension doesn’t really allow it to hold “things”, but it does look real neat.

Initially this design was supposed to be able to be oriented either way, but I think I prefer the orientation with the narrow end up. More time to experiment with that when the next version comes out in the morning. I did, however, include something that has been sorely lacking in my prior projects: cable management. Although in this iteration it looks more like a horror tunnel:

In the morning we should be able to showcase this bad boy holding a variety of controllers and headphones. And maybe after this weekend, a handful of them decorating my office & living room.

Thanks for reading!

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