This has been a bit of a troublesome print! The first successful print wasn’t quite functional, and then the next 2 prints failed for various reasons, but today we finally have a successful one that has been adjusted to hold headphones and controllers. But it’s still not quite perfect. Iterating on designs is crucially important; the road to your final design can be a little winding.

Breaking down lessons into discrete items can be difficult. For instance, something that had occurred naturally in my previous designs for holders always had a narrow “thing” on which the headphones/controller rests. That’s just how it is, but I hadn’t totally considered why. And the thought didn’t even cross my mind until my most recent iteration:

Things fall off of them for like no reason. A gentle breeze would send the M560 flying, or your game controller crashing to the ground (making it totally the 2nd player one, now), and that’s something that I’m including in the now-in-progress print.

Another lesson to learn is how to minimize the footprint on your designs. Growing up in Chicago & Oak Park, Louis Sullivan’s idea of “form follows function” is one that I’ve grown up with. Implicit in there is the idea that extraneous things should be removed if they are creating an issue. One such issue for the Weird Wall Hanger is that to print two of them, it takes a hair over 500 grams of filament – over half of my spool. That’s an expensive thing to print!

And, sometimes, you need to know when to give up on something. It’s a mistake I’ve made in other designs – I’m just so in love with something and the process to make it that it becomes impossible or impractical to manufacture. A hard lesson and one that nobody wants to go through, but an important one nonetheless. I think we’ll see more of the ideas here in future projects, but I think after one more iteration “The Weird Wall Holder” will be a finished project.

E: Why are my controllers so linty?

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