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These last two weeks or so, we’ve been working on the “weird wall holder” which I have decided to name “The Eye in the Sky” (because The Alan Parson’s Project rules). It started as an experiment in a new way of creating my forms -instead of starting with a fixed polygon, making one of my own using control point curves. It’s mutated, shifted, and changed forms in often subtle (but laborious) ways.

It took a while to get it functional. It was pretty as a…thing but it couldn’t hold controllers or headphones. Two very important things to hold!

This post is covering two iterations; a brief peep at the second-to-last, and a final view of the last, refined, version.

2nd to Last

As you can see, it’s alright looking. It holds its proportions a little oddly, though. It is functional, it’s just kind of missing that oomph that I would like to have something hanging off my wall have. Further, its oblong end doesn’t really hold things into place like I need it to. And it takes for flipping ever to print.

Its Final (de)Form!

Having addressed those two issues, I think this is the way it should be. It got a little…melty on the bed while it printed overnight:

Worse things have happened. And cutting the pointy top off cut the print time by an hour without really hurting its aesthetics and keeping its improved functionality.

A quick comparison between the two:

All in, I don’t think I could be happier with the way it turned out! Looking at everything all together, I feel like we can make them smaller, so maybe a quick break (unless I super love the one that’s printing right now). The print time, regardless of the aesthetic value, kind of keeps it from being something that I can make to replace the dozen or so holders I have for headphones and controllers around the house.

The eye in the sky may be done, but I feel like we’re honing in closer and closer to the best possible holder that has a good meeting place between print time, size, and functionality. Glad to take you along for the ride!

As always, we appreciate the use of our affiliate links of products featured in this post to keep our printer spooled up and to help fund future projects! We’re looking forward to doing more neat stuff over the summer and learning what all fun projects await!

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