While taking the family photo of the controller & headphone holders on Monday, I was looking at the headphones sitting in the Tri-Arc holder mentioned earlier this month. I realized, much in the same way that the Eye in the Sky was flawed, this one was flawed as well, but not in the ways that I had initially thought.

There was some wasted space in there when it was all set up against the wall:

And I had a thought: we can get the cable/dongle management in there that it was missing! A quick fix and we’re there! It just needed a little bridge:

This is a much happier setup. It’s less decorative than the Eye in the Sky is, for sure, and doesn’t have that extra sex appeal that the geometry of the Eye conveys. It does, however, hit all the points I was trying to nail down with a headphone holder reduced to what I would call its essence:

  • Everything sits in it “normally”
  • It has a slot for cable management
  • It has a quick print time (~2.5 hours for one)
  • Space efficient

Lesson learned: Sometimes you just need to let a project lie for a while and take a look at it with fresh eyes. Getting it where you want sometimes just takes a little break.

It does all the things I need it to, but I will continue to play with designs. I would not hesitate to recommend this new version to anyone, though.

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